BRACKS Lace Locks

Fundraising Options - BRACKS Lace Locks

Fundraising Options - BRACKS Lace Locks
Activities cost money - and BRACKS lace locks enable results. So what do these two have in common?

BRACKS lace locks offer the ability to both contribute to your physical performance and generate an income - an essential item for those who are serious about their activities. Raising funds has always been an important part of club life - sausage sizzles in shopping centre car parks is a common sight on a weekend morning. But how long does a sausage last? That same $2.00 can go to your club or school, but now you also have a pair of BRACKS lace locks to enjoy, long after the taste of the sausage has gone.

It’s important to see that the BRACKS lace locks aren’t a gimmick - they should be as much a part of your kit as your water bottle or mouth guard, for example. If you’re a runner, you wouldn’t run without some form of hi-vis - personal safety demands it. Yet the potential for a loose shoe lace leaves you far more vulnerable than reduced visibility - tripping up can lead to serious injuries. So why take the risk, when $9.90 both solves that problem and puts funds into your organisation’s budget? Think of it as $7.90 for the BRACKS lace locks, and $2.00 for any institution or association of your choice!

So who can benefit from this? Well, anyone who wears shoes, boots - even lace-up jackets that keep slipping when you’re trying to stay warm - if it has laces, it needs BRACKS lace locks. It really is that simple! Do your staff have laces in their work shoes - put the funds into your Christmas social party. Are you raising funds for the child cancer foundation? Or to send a paraplegic competitor to an international event? Whatever is important to you, is important to us - at $2.00 a time!

Now, $2.00 might not seem like much, but if your child’s team - or your dragon boat crew, mid-life crisis rugby squad or Sunday afternoon cricket match - wear shoes and have family and friends, well it’s a no-brainer that the numbers will soon add up. Does your club have an eye on a high-performance rugby ball at $99.99? Fifty pairs of BRACKS lace locks between all of you will have that in no time - with the result that both the standard of the game - and your personal performance - will have been raised.

Raising funds used to be about bottle drives and raffles - and we all enjoy a sausage with onions and tomato sauce in fresh bread. But they were always ‘one-off’s’ - and took a lot of organising! We always need more money for our activities, and we all wear shoes - so why not combine your passion, your need for additional funds, and the need to be safe with BRACKS lace locks?