BRACKS Lace Locks

Have you ever had a shoe lace trip you up or catch around a bike pedal? Or worse?

Have you ever had a shoe lace trip you up or catch around a bike pedal? Or worse?

Have you ever had a shoe lace trip you up or catch around a bike pedal? Or worse?

BRACKS asked the same question after the inventor’s frustration at watching children playing soccer, having to stop all the time to retie their boot laces. For myself, I have always had trouble with laces as I have a narrow foot, which just makes things worse. A case in point is my motorcycle boots - not long after I bought them a loop got caught around my brake pedal - a little disconcerting when you’re travelling at any kind of speed! I was able to resolve it without issues, but it made me wary all the same. They also started coming loose quite quickly, so I began adding an extra twist at the first stage and then a second bow at the next - a habit I was already in with my black work shoes and brown safety shoes. My work shoes, casual shoes and bike boots have the twin-hole ability to tighten the laces, while the safety shoes have hooks. The problem then, isn’t with the boots or shoes - it’s with the laces.


Laces rely on friction to hold them together - which is why flat laces are better than round ones - but vibration from movement will always win, and it seems that double tying only prolongs the inevitable. In order to keep them looking good, modern laces use synthetic fibres. Now this reduces wear and preserves their appearance, but the cost is increased slipperiness - and they come undone! Unfortunately form doesn’t follow function in this instance.


Like all good ideas the BRACKS lace lock is simple but effective - just imagine using a bungie cord across the lace to hold it together, then scaling it down to suit. I tried a set on each of the shoe types mentioned, and they came up trumps every time. The black work shoes and brown safety shoes had been particularly bad, but with the BRACKS lace lock, they were no more bother. If anything, they both became that much more comfortable, because now I didn’t have to tie them so tight just to try and keep them on!


Over the years I’ve tried velcro and slip-on’s, but I prefer the feel of a shoe with laces - which is invariably its Achilles heel :) But never again, and given the overwhelming use of laces in most industries and professions, I’m surprised that a health and safety consultant hasn’t picked up on them - particularly in roles that require people to spend most of their time on their feet. Perhaps that’s only a matter of time, but for now I’ll never be without my BRACKS lace locks again.