BRACKS Lace Locks


The Story behind BRACKS Lace Locks.

Let us tell you how it all began.

It took a lot of years of hard work to have the BRACKS lace lock the way it is now. A lot of different events inspired us to look for a solution that prevents shoelaces from coming undone.

It all started on the soccer field of the inventors son.

While coaching the soccer team of his ten year old son, he had to tie the laces of the players multiple times. This was such a waste, because they should be having fun (including himself).

Even professionals had their shoelaces coming undone.

It was surprising that even a couple of professionals had their shoelaces come undone. The most memorable event was during the Olympics in 2008, where the laces of Usain Bolt came undone. If he tripped he could have missed his gold medal.

The best ideas start with pen an paper.

With all these events I was driven to find a solution that prevents laces from coming undone. And with this in the back of my mind I started making lots and lots of sketches.

BRACKS Lace Locks - Design

BRACKS Lace Locks have been vigorously tested in all types of sports – football, basketball, tennis, soccer, golf, marathon running, trail running and even the MuddyGoodRun races…..the results were 100% positive and all of these sports can now take place without the interruption and danger of laces becoming untied thanks to BRACKS Lace Locks.