BRACKS Lace Locks


Selling BRACKS Lace Locks for your club or team is a great way to build some funds for you, and you will also have a great product keeping your laces tied as well - double bonus this one.

All sales of regular priced BRACKS earn 20% commission. Just register your organisation and start raising funds for that trip away or sports kit. It's that easy!

Our online option allows you to run your fundraiser for the whole year!

Simply get in touch with us for a custom made order form for you to take the orders with and start earning today.

Examples of Clubs that could make use of this fundraising could include:

Even easier, anywhere that laces are used, BRACKS can be an asset to help l keep your laces tied!

You can download the printable order form below:

How well can this work?

Let's say for example your child's team has 15 players on it - you manage to sell 30 pairs of BRACKS Lace Locks gives you $59.40 back for your team, that is $1.98 back for every pair sold.

Remember that BRACKS Lace Locks are not just for kids sports - they are for adults, running, hiking, tramping and more as well.